Houghton Primary School


Our curriculum leader for Music is Julie Davison

For details of the Music Curriculum for each year group for each term please visit the class webpages.

Key Stage 1 and 2 Music Curriculum Statement

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Our approach to teaching Music

In order that our learners are enabled to develop the key characteristics of musicians we are committed to developing a curriculum that provides as many rich musical experiences as possible. These include: performance opportunities for all children through our musical productions and concerts, developing the skills necessary to sing and play percussion instruments, providing opportunities to be inspired by great music and musicians and to have opportunities for children to create their own music. All children in year 3 are taught the recorder and opportunities are available for those who wish to continue playing to develop this skill further. We make links with other subjects such as learning German through songs and taking a cross curricular theme for our singing concert each year. (This year the theme was singing songs inspired by art.) Visiting musicians are used to inspire the children. For instance, a professional opera singer recently worked with children in year 3 and 4. Year 6 children visit the local secondary school to work in their music technology suite.

We use a variety of materials and resources to support our teaching of music across the school including Sing Up and the Charanga Music School Programme.

Extra-Curricular Music Opportunities

We are a Silver Award winning Sing-Up school, taking as many opportunities as we can to sing and perform through the year.

We have a school choir who perform regularly both in school and in a variety of community events.


We offer parents the opportunity for their children to learn a woodwind, brass, percussion or string instrument through private music lessons on site.